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5月, 2010 のアーカイブ

Our products

Today, we would like to introduce our products.
Jumbo Bath Towel
Size:75cm×150cm VELOUR, REACTIVE PRINTED (活性印花)
Weight : 380g ・ (370g) ・ 360g ・ 350g

White Velour
Face Towel: 34cm×80cm     81g/pc & 94g/pc   White, Velour,
Bath Towel: 65-70×130-140cm  250-313g/pc     White, Velour

Business Towel 1
● Four colors (Purple・Green・Pink・Yellow)
All Pile Bath Towel   (70×140cm・About 375g)
All Pile Face Towel   (34×85cm・About94g)
Quantities  Purple Bath=6,360pcs   Purple Face=7,200pcs
       Green Bath=6,360pcs   Green Fath =7,200pcs
       Pink Bath=6,360pcs    Pink Fath=7,200pcs
       Yellow Bath=6,360pcs   Yellow Fath=7,200pcs

Business Towel 2
Bath towel: 70cm×140cm 250g/pc
Face towel: 34cm×80cm 62.5g/pc
White All Pile, No border(全白,无任何花纹)

Micro Fleece (超细纤维)
① 100× 70cm /Transverse Design 250g 360g/㎡
② 100×140cm/Longitudinal Design 450g 330g/㎡
③ 150×210cm/Longitudinal Design 700g 230g/㎡

Bath Towel, Face towel, Hand Towel, Mini-Towel
Bath Towel : 60cm×120cm 230g/pc Velour・Reactive Printed
Face Towel : 34cm× 80cm 80g/pc Velour・Reactive Printed
Hand Towel : 34cm× 36cm 36g/pc Velour・Reactive Printed
Mini Towel : 20cm× 20cm 9g/pc Velour・Pigment Printed
*pigment printed (涂料印花)

Face Towel: 34cm×80cm     60g/pc       All Pile, Pigment Printed
(No Velour, Pigment Printed(涂料印花)

Jacquard Towel (提花)
Pop Design: Two colors (Dark blue&Gray)
The edge is plain weave
 Bath Towel  70cm×140cm 440g/pc
 Face Towel  34cm× 85cm 120g/pc

If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Thank you!


This is Shimizu Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
We would like to introduce our company.
We are an importing company and mostly importing towels.
We order lots of containers to many factories all over China.
Moreover, we are still increasing the amount of orders every month!!!
Even in this horrible economy, our cumpany, Shimizu Sangyo, is growing 🙂
We are very well known as a pioneer in this business.

If you are interested in our business, or have any questions, Please feel free to contact us!!!

Thank you!